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In 2006, Glenn Reichelt and Kevin Andros founded Hudson Valley Green Insulation (HVGI). These two business associates have been immersed in the building industry their whole lives: Glenn, a third generation builder/contractor; and Kevin, a building materials salesman and consultant for 20+ years.

From different sides of the industry, the two came together to share a common vision of progressive and innovative building materials. In an industry so scared to advance and modernize, they knew that change would not be an easy sell.

After a long contemplation and hours of research, examination, and even trials in their own projects, Glenn and Kevin were confident that spray foam insulation was a product the Hudson Valley needed to adopt.

With confidence in the performance and effectiveness of their product and a sense of purposes in their environmental goals, Glenn and Kevin set to change the insulation business as local builders have come to know it for the past century…

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